Public Relations

We offer all PR services including written materials, press kits, media training and our unparalleled counsel on best public relations practices.



Our communications experience touches on nearly every industry and geographic region throughout the country.  We create thorough, effective and all-encompassing communications programs that connect clients to their most coveted audiences.

Media Relations

We are experts in knowing how to make news and generate high-impact press coverage that builds reputations and places our clients in traditional outlets as well as in the unexpected non-traditional media. We maintain extensive, deep, long-standing relationships with key members of the press and work on maintaining and expanding them every day.


Digital Media/Marketing

While digital media has disrupted many industries, we have continued to monitor the trends and watch the forecast of what’s to come. We are truly immersed in the digital trends affecting business today. 

Event Planning/Management

From coordinating your small, intimate gathering of key influencers to handling the logistics for a large-scale advertiser-friendly event, film festival gathering or influencer meet-up, we can handle all of the details.


Crisis Communications

Well-versed in all kinds of “situations,” we can analyze and make preparations for an anticipated crisis. We can also lend an experienced level of analysis when the unexpected occurs and react appropriately by formulating and implementing strategies that defuse negative PR and stabilize a client’s public persona, image and reputation.  

Talent Relations

Having worked with celebrities, directors and producers (among many others), we know how to relate and manage any situation. 



We are adept at programming conferences and serving as the point of contact throughout the entire process, including development and curation of topics and content, procurement of A-level keynote speakers and on location coordination.



Integrated Marketing

Through our extensive, collaborative work with Fortune 500 brands, we know how to maximize relationships for our clients by identifying strategic partners and developing synergistic, mutually beneficial promotional initiatives.